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English Tutors

Tutor No. Nationality Self Introduction
NE10096 Canadian Hi, I’m a native English teacher from Canada living in Hong Kong. I want you to have the best education possible. If you can speak good English, you open up many opportunities for work, for travel, for education and for a better life! I have experience teaching one on one, in groups, in classrooms and in public speaking. I graduated with 3.3 GPA from the University of Alberta in Canada and I am TESOL qualified. I am patient, committed and I want you to enjoy learning English. I wish you very best in your life and I hope you choose me as a tutor. Thanks.
NE10107 HK I am a recent repatriate with over 10 years of Eng teaching experience in Hong Kong. I am thoroughly accustomed to assisting students who have problems in reading and writing skill. My adult clients include under-graduate and graduate universities students. I specialized in preparing work for high school students for TOEFL tests as well as assisting students to achieve all level of exams. I have net tutorial with over 10 years in tutorial agencies. My primary interest is tutoring secondary & university students and who have interest in improving their oral or written Eng ability who also concern about learning what is required to pass their exams. I have been a full time tutoring since 2002. 本人具補習社及託管中心功輔經驗 十年以上 兼 大學畢業多年 具備單對單個人補習心得 尤其英文中學高中全文科 精補 F. 4 F.5 及個人英專 本人亦有替大學 大一 大二生 補習英文科 及 論文課程 此外 也精補 小五 小六 升中入分試 經驗信心之選 進步保証 區域 : 天水圍區
NE10105 - I graduated in foreign languages at the University of Bologna. English as first language. I can read and write Chinese and I have studied French for 8 years at middle and high school. I moved to Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China in November to teach English in Kindergartens and Training Centres and I am currently living here. During my working experience in China, I attended a 180 hours TESOL course.
NE10023 British I am always positive in my attitude to work and others and am able to inspire confidence in those working around me. I enjoy working within a team and have developed this skill via prefect duties in high school. I can confidently take the lead in a situation if needed; I am also competent working alone. I am keen to learn new things that will develop me personally and professionally. I also have the desire and the passion to teach and help, especially to young children and young adults. They love learning with me too.
NE10029 American Over the course of my career as an ESL teacher in Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, I have developed a system and necessary knowhow to help students improve their English. Extensive experience in front of large classes has helped me to develop greater charisma and techniques for keeping students’ attention and making content more interesting and fun. Through private teaching, I have gained an ear for catching and fixing pronunciation errors, and the chance to design dynamic content. I make extensive use of the Pimsleur method for boosting retention. If students need to really speak, I make them speak as much as possible. My overall philosophy is “speaking in English, not about English.” In other words, I always make sure the class has an engaging focus for students to talk about, which keeps it interesting and helps to teach useful applications of the language. Throughout my experience teaching English and as an entrepreneur, I have learned two things for certain. Proficient English communication is the key to global commerce, and helping students to improve their communication skills is fun and rewarding to me. It is a chance for me to give back to the community, to learn the nuances of other cultures, and to make lasting friendships and more. I enjoy teaching all ages of students!
NE10032 Polish I have been a part time English teacher in Hong Kong for two age groups (5-9 and 12-15). Additionally, I have vast experience with private tutoring and CV writing. As I have been through many interviews in many different industries myself (Investment Banks, Consulting, IT Startups), I believe I could be the right person to hold this kind of classes.
NE10034 Indian I excel at managing classes in large groups. I am excellent in making a lesson interactive and interesting. I am passionate, communicative, committed, organized, self-motivated, dependable, knowledgeable, creative, and patient. I also have great communication skills and the ability to tend to parents.
NE10035 American/HK Since my return to Hong Kong in May 2010, I have been working as freelance EnglishChinese interpreter/translator, Native English tutor and examination coach. I specialize in assisting students of all levels to obtain their target scores in IELTS, TOEFL and SAT. My students include recipients of 5**in the 2015 annual HKDSE English test. Last but not least, I have been doing translation work for the Eye Clinic of the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital since 2011. The types of documents I translate include general operational manuals, laser room safety procedures, personnel policies, medical reports, etc. I also translate medical journal publications for several physicians and surgeons at the same hospital. To recapitulate, my qualifications include the following features:  Accredited translator by the Hong Kong Government’s Civil Service Bureau, Official Languages Division.  Member of the Hong Kong Translation Society  Nominee of U. S. Stanford Who’s Who  Member of the U.S. Association for Former Intelligence Officer  Registered lobbyist of the United States Senate  Registered lobbyist of the United States House of Representatives  Commentator for the U.S. Defense News (1999—2009)
NE10036 British I am a lively motivated teacher who gets on well with students of all different ages and abilities at English. I design and plan many of my own lessons to be fun, interesting and useful to the student’s wants and needs. I have a wide variety of teaching experience in terms age range and ability. I teach classes of up to 25 students and also a number of regular one to one lessons.
NE10050 American I am a Native Texan currently based in Hong Kong China, involved in the educational and psychological development of children. I have previous teaching experience in Seoul, South Korea, but due to increased political volatility in the Spring of 2013, I relocated to Hong Kong to pursue my passion for education,. Alongside teaching I also have management experience in Sevilla, Paris, and New York City. My international experience, hands on teaching skills and management knowledge applied in several different countries ignites my interest in developing my teaching career further.
NE10051 British I am proficient to teach in English. I have also learnt Spanish up to Intermediate 2 level so I would be happy to also teach Spanish of beginner levels, if requested. I am enthusiastic about teaching young children and those of a university level, however I am interested in tutoring children of any age. I take pride in my appearance and I am a creative person. I am a fast learner and very organised so I am able to pick up new things very quickly. I am active in sports and go swimming and play squash every week. I enjoy working with people and often get involved in group projects. Languages are one of my hobbies. I have spent my summer holidays and part of my gap year in Spain to improve my Spanish, and I have learnt Swedish whilst studying in Sweden for a year as an exchange student. I learnt Mandarin Chinese at an Intermediate level at university and plan to learn Cantonese during my stay in Hong Kong.
NE10053 American/HK I was born and raised up in Washington, DC, U.S.A and in 2011 I came to China for work as the management team. In May, 2014, I moved to Hong Kong and became a part-time English teacher here. I figured out that Education is one of my most passionate work that I shall devote in throughout my lifetime. I approach education with experiential and contextual learning by emphasizing student engagement and moving away from passive classroom environments. By using a combination of activities and sharing, I keep engagement high and lectures low.
NE10055 Indian I am a Hong Kong permanent resident and been here for the past 26 years. I am a broadly experienced Nursery/Kindergarten teacher with over 4 years of experience. I have strong management skills, coaching skills and communication skills which I have developed over the years of my career. I am looking for a role to utilize my capability and broaden my horizon in terms of taking up more responsibilities
NE10056 British I am a Native English Teacher from the South West of England. I hold a TEFL certificate and have been a teacher at both local Kindergarten, learning centres ages 2 to 14 and now currently at an International Kindergarten. I have a true passion and drive to make education fun and interesting as this is the only way young children will learn and want to learn. I have experience in teaching phonics, Cambridge, trinity, maths, storytelling and creating fun games to help learning. Having lived in Hong Kong for 6 years I am very familiar with the needs for a strong education. I studied in the UK up to secondary school and then attended college, I was trained as a trainer for adults and then completed my TEFL certificate.
NE10057 Norwegian I was a voluntary youth-leader in June 2008 and 2009 at a week-long summer camp for families with children affected by cancer. It was arranged by the Norwegian association «Støtteforeningen for Kreftsyke Barn» in Selbu (). I was a volunteer in AFS international youth exchange and I attend and help arrange camps for exchange students. I speak Spanish fluently. I was volunteering in math classes at upper secondary schools in my hometown for a year before I left, as a part of a program to improve math education for kids. Before this program I participated in a short intensive course of Educational Science and Pedagogy. I really enjoy teaching and tutoring, and I am always patient. Also because of this volunteering program I got offered my last part time job as a substitute teacher at one of the schools I had been to.
NE10058 British I was born and raised in England, United Kingdom, which makes me a native English speaker and I've recently moved to Hong Kong with hopes of making a career in teaching English. I previously served as a primary school teaching assistant in England where I was involved in helping in a number of different subjects including English, Art & Design and Physical Education. As a child-minder, I am very fun with children and can take care of them rather well. What would make me great for this role is that I am good at communicating with children on their own level. This would make it easy for me to help them when they encounter problems.
NE10061 British I have been living and working in HK since Sept 2013. Originally from London, UK, I moved here following my desire to gain new experience and explore different places and cultures. HK has offered me new ideas and ways of living and I am really enjoying life here. I have just finished a year teaching Visual Arts and Communication Skills at Kids Gallery. I taught classes, wrote projects and managed a studio. In my own time I love to explore Hong Kong, practise painting, ceramics and Yoga.
NE10063 Canadian/HK Enthusiastic individual with extensive management and problem solving skills. Seeking for a full time opportunity to become a part of a dynamic and energetic team that prioritizes in student growth, particularly international learning.
NE10064 American/HK I am a professional and experienced English teacher with experience in many courses: jolly phonics, oral, writing and toddler play group. I have good energy and have a good sense of humor. I also take time to talk to parents on the progress of their children. I take seriously any issue that affects the schools image. During staff meetings I contribute and express my thoughts and ideas. I am helpful to other colleagues and help out in school projects and decoration of school for holidays.
NE10065 Israeli  B.A graduate of East Asia studies, China and Chinese specialization.  Experience in working and communicating within Chinese markets.  Good sense for communication and languages.  Service and interpersonal relations orientated.  Experience in training others. High aptitude for multitasking and taking initiative. Possessing a high motivation for learning new things and contributing to a variety of projects.
NE10069 American I am an American - Native English Teacher, with two years of teaching experience, a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature, and a TEFL Certification.
NE10072 Filipino An aspiring educator who is motivated, team driven and possesses a professional attitude. Willing to learn and grasp as much knowledge as possible to perform within the expected standard if not higher. Moreover, deeply passionate in educating the future generation to reach their maximum potential.
NE10073 Scottish I enjoy teaching a great deal and the format of my lessons are usually from the ground up, I enjoy teaching thematic based education as there is some synergy between teaching and everyday use of English. I teach Grammar, Phonics and conversation is extremely important and in all my lessons I try to engage children in conversation and or story-telling. During this time I have also worked for the ESF Schools as an Instructor teaching team-building and outdoor skills to children aged six to sixteen.
NE10074 French/Australian I'm currently a French and English private tutor and am able to teach grammar, oral and vocabulary to all ages. I'm also a Personal Instructor for sport. I currently have 38 students, ranging in age from 4 to over 63. This means that I'm able to teach at all levels and am very confident in my ability. I was born in France and after 14 years have moved to Australia where I had resided for 15 years; hence my proficiency in both languages. I love teaching children and really get along with them. I have also designed some games to make it more fun.
NE10075 British/HK Born and raised in London, I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Manchester in 2009. I am a CELTA certified teacher with 3 years teaching experience in Hong Kong. I am a native English speaker and can also speak Cantonese to a conversational level.
NE10076 Australian/HK I am an experienced full time female tutor graduated from Australia Macquarie University. I teach phonics, English, French, IPA, and Cantonese for expatriates and Mandarin speakers. I have been working as After-School English teacher at primary schools, English Composition tutor at Youth Centre, English Tutor at ERB, French tutor at YMCA and Yan Oi Tong, Cantonese tutor at Language School, and private tutor for all ages, mostly k1-k3 children. I am usually a favorite with my students (regardless of their age and background) since I teach them in a funny and interesting way with love and patience. They will thus become confident in speaking, understanding and reading the new language. They do enjoy a lot and have made great progress. With my teaching experience especially my passion and vision for teaching students to further their knowledge of new language and culture, I think I am eligible for the job and can perform my duties quite well.
NE10079 Italian Well-organized individual with great interpersonal skills. Great in dealing with students as demonstrated by past experiences. Passionate about teaching foreign languages to students and qualified to do so. Possess advanced grammar certification and excellent lesson planning and great at understanding student’s level and abilities. TEFL certification specialized in young learners and business English.
NE10080 Australian  Able to work efficiently independently  Very adaptable and fast learning  Training in various English curriculum, such as IELTS, Cambridge, Phonics and others  Developing lesson and course plans, as well as materials  Proof reading
NE10083 Canadian/HK A native English teacher instructor who is able to provide creative, engaging and tailor made lessons to effectively target the student’s needs and wants.  TOEFL iBT instructor with two years of experience.  Excellent communication skills.  Proficient with various aspects of computer media.  Responsible, dedicated and organized.  Eager to improve and learn.
NE10084 French I am French and I have a great interest for tutoring/teaching children. I speak fluent French and English. I also have experience in Outdoors adventures and would love to share this passion. I am currently living in Hong Kong and have a working visa for Hong Kong. I just graduated with a CEMS Master of Science in International Management (done in Hong Kong and Canada) and a Bachelor in Global Business and Marketing (Hong Kong). Nature and the outdoors are an essential part of who I am. I love hiking, skiing and I am extremely passionate about rock climbing. I have climbed in Hong Kong, France, Canada and the US. Rock climbing developed my concentration, determination and problemsolving skills. Furthermore, it drove my determination to protect the environment. During my travels across Asia, America and Europe and during my work, I have been exposed to the needs of many local communities.  Enjoy teaching and being around children  Speak Fluent English and French  Passionate about the outdoors and very keen on sharing this passion  Strong communication, presentation and teamwork skills  Creativity and endless energy  Adaptability and multicultural knowledge, with in-depth knowledge of Asia, Europe and America
NE10085 British I am a 31-year-old native teacher from England. I have lived and worked in Hong Kong for a couple of years now. I have experience teaching students of all ages, including adults. For the student in question, I can offer a variety of lessons based on their level and wishes. Revolving the lessons around Cambridge's Interchange could be a good a choice. I have the material for this and plenty of other relevant resources. I have broad experience of local educational methods and expectations. I try to make my teaching both educational and fun whilst being patient and attentive.
NE10089 British/HK I am an experienced, student-focused and reliable teacher who finds great joy in teaching children. Having taught for over five years in a number of different settings, I am very able at creating both a supportive and comfortable relationship with students and their parents alike. In every working environment thus far, I have demonstrated the ability to work unsupervised or as a part of the team. I am a dedicated and hardworking individual, who is always striving to explore different teaching methods in order to provide the best possible education for my students in their formative years of life.
NE10092 British/HK To coach and nurture students in mastering academic skills and succeed in their studies. My international education, professional work experience and extensive private tuition experience have prepared me for a successful career in education. I am passionate about working with students and seeing them travel down new avenues of positive achievement. I have been teaching privately since 2009 and have helped many students ace their exams and get into reputable schools and universities. In addition to focusing on broadening students’ awareness of the wider world beyond textbooks, I work deeply to understand individual students, find ways to bring students’ interests into the classroom and hold all students to a high academic standard.
NE10093 British/HK British and CELTA qualified NET currently teaching English in Hong Kong. Married to a Hong Kong native and possessing a dependent visa and a clear British accent. I have experience of teaching Cambridge English YLE, Oxford RWI English phonics, reading and writing, to Hong Kong children from K1 to P6 of various abilities. I also teach Oxford Comprehension and Writing as well as conversation classes. Self-motivated; strong interpersonal skills; able to work effectively using own initiative and as a team player. Professional approach, highly organised with an eye for detail, diligent, persistent as well as very patient and friendly.
NE10094 Australian I have been an English Trainer for over 3 years, teaching for various clients throughout Hong Kong. Although I began working in primary and high schools in Hong Kong, my training now focuses on providing personalised English lessons to private and corporate students. Upon completing my CELTA, I taught at the Holmes Institute in Melbourne, providing new immigrants with functional English training to help ease their assimilation and settle into work easily. I have taught specialised courses for more specific goals including IELTS, BULATS and Hong Kong ATC entrance exams. I also teach a number of professional adult’s practical and specialised skills such as business presentations, business social English and customer service skills varying from basic email etiquette and structure to public speaking and innovative presentation.
NE10095 Australian A well-cultured, bilingual, passionate student currently studying French and English as part of Associate of Arts at Community College of City University. Have read various texts regarding English language learning and Linguistics. Currently employed part time while also engaging in personal activities such as Piano, Saxophone and Design. Has a passion for teaching English to children and adults alike.
NE10096 Canadian I have completed a TESOL/TEFL certification & have a Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Chemistry. I also have taken optional courses in linguistics & technical writing in a workplace environment. I have experience in public speaking, in one-on-one teaching & in writing papers for scientific journals. I am Canadian, & I speak with a standard North American accent. I am a hard-working, self-motivated, and honest individual. I enjoy learning and problem-solving, as I think deeply about situations with which I am confronted. I appreciate hard work, I am efficient in completing assigned tasks & am good at working in teams.
NE10097 Canadian A very organised and driven individual with a strong sense of responsibility & time management, and a friendly & approachable attitude towards friends and students. Always well-presented professionally for positive school image & very articulate in American English & has excellent grasp of British English. Great aptitude for arts & music.
NE10098 British/HK I am a female Native English, young professional from UK. Currently working part time as a Fashion editor for an online magazine only two days a week; I have a flexible schedule to prepare materials for tutoring. Within my current profession, I am always dealing with professional writing and speaking of English.
NE10099 British/Indian I enjoy teaching. I have extensive teaching skills to teach all kinds of levels to my students ranging different courses from primary and secondary to University level. Secondly as a teacher, I believe in the commitment and responsibility which are my extra essential qualities. During teaching I always make good use of the opportunity to arouse student's interest via fun games and oral practice using videos and props. This definitely adds value to my teaching classes, my team amid establish a fun learning culture. I have gained a lot of practical experiences and cognitive skills while working both as an English tutor from my past experienced with my co- teachers. To add more, I have gained strong experiences while teaching English to Mandarin students who were actually full time teachers in the Mainland China. I was involved in overall teaching oral practice amid co-assisting my centre manager to overlook the student consultation and overseas admissions to overseas universities.
NE10101 American I am a native speaker from the USA and have been tutoring/teaching for more than 7 years. I am a certified English teacher and have experience with many types of students. My education includes a Master in Education, TESOL Certified, IELTS Teaching certified, 6 years of university teaching and 4 years of teaching Adults and young learners. I am quite flexible in scheduling.
NE10102 British Experienced professional NET teacher with a passion for primary teaching. NET teacher in the EDB pool. Experienced at curriculum and materials development. Scriptwriting, filmmaking, production and journalism skills, which I apply to classroom materials. Experienced at exam training and materials preparation including Cambridge YLE courses.
NE10103 British/HK I am a native English speaker who was born and brought up in Bristol, UK. I made my way to Hong Kong for senior secondary education before university entrance exam around 6 years ago and passed the entrance exam with flying colours. I am now doing my 4th year for a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in HKUST. Apart from English, I am also native in Mandarin, fluent in French and written Japanese due to my family background. With rich experience in language tutorials, I am a polyglot who has a passion for language learning.

There are other tutors not listed here, please feel free to contact us for more details.