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Korean Tutors

Tutor No. Nationality Self Introduction
NK10055 Korean As a result from my work experience, I have built up various skills such as leadership, communication and an analytical way of thinking. I am efficient, hardworking and always optimistic towards my tasks. I have been praised by my past employers as a hardworking and creative person. I have experience in a retail environment which shows good communication skills and experience in teaching which shows confidence and organisation. I have a degree in broadcasting technology from Dong-ah Institute of Media and Art in South Korea.
NK10063 Korean Native professional teacher trained through Korea n language instructor program  Experienced and skillful teacher for foreigners fro m various cultural backgrounds.  Fluent Korean-English bilingual speaker.  Trained for general education and curriculum dev elopment in a graduate school
NK10064 Korean I used to be an English Teacher in Korea, and I used to teach Korean to other foreign Teachers. After that I started doing private tutoring.

We still have other tutors that are not listed here, please feel free to contact us for details.