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Japanese Tutors

Tutor No. Nationality Self Introduction
NJ28879 Japanese Hello, I am a native Japanese Teacher, have 17 years experience, taught at primary school in Moscow, at a university in China and some secondary schools in HK, also for private students. I teach Japanese for JLPT(N1 – N5), conversation and business, and have an original teaching method. It can help you to get your target. よろしくおねがいします。
NJ28880 Japanese I have lived in Hong Kong for the past 20 years, and I hold a permanent ID. As a private teacher, I teach all levels of students, from ten-year old to company owners ---- one-to-one and group lessons. My teaching experience in Hong Kong is about five+ years, but I was a teacher before when I was in Japan. I taught large classes at a vocational & a language school. I am sociable, approachable and patient.
NJ28882 HK I am graduated at City University of Hong Kong in 2012 majoring at International Business(Japan Studies) with BBA (First Honor). I possess 1 year of exchange in Aoyama Gakuin University, several internship experiences in Japan and more than 3 years of working experience in Japanese companies where I am highly exposed to Japanese environment, having rich experience in dealing with native Japanese.
NJ28883 Japanese I am a native Japanese and Chinese speaker. I understand Japanese and Chinese language structure well, as well as cultures of both countries. I am also flurent in Cantonese and English, which enables me to communicate well with students from different backgrounds. I have moved to Hong Kong 2 years ago and during the time I learnt Cantonese, I have a deeper understanding of how challenging and satisfying it can be and therefore I want to share my approach and experience with my students with patience and sensitivity.
NJ28884 HK • 中學二年級開始在香港修讀日本語 • 2013年到日本東京留學近 2年修讀日本語 • 現在在日資公司上班,每日聽寫讀講日本語 • 2015年從日本留學回港後開始幫青少年補習日本語 • 教學善用日本卡通和漫畫,依據不同年齡特徵而定,教學生動有趣 • 已取得 JLPT N1 資格
NJ28886 Japanese I am a full time Japanese teacher. Now I am teaching Japanese to 6 years old kid to adult. Having a over 10 years experiences and enough skill to teach.

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