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German Tutors

Tutor No. Nationality Self Introduction
NG10027 German Hello, I’m a German teacher and I think I’m very experienced because I’ve been working in this area for some years already. I started to teach German back in Germany. In Hong Kong, I have a lot of students, starting from kindergarten to students at primary and secondary schools to students at universities or adults – they are either interested in the language or for business. I think I have a very patient teaching style and I love what I do. Because it’s also fun for me and is a pleasure for me to see how they all improve their language abilities. So, if you are looking for someone experienced and patient, please think of me and I will be looking forward to offering lessons for you.
NG10029 German After my graduation, I worked as business development and sales manager in a German company. Since I have very strong passion in teaching and helping people, besides my full time job as a sales manager, I was also a volunteer German teacher for new immigrants to Germany for two years. The classes were normally in the evenings, two hours per week. Not only I will try to help the immigrants to get used to the life in Germany, but I also teach them basic German so that they can pass the German immigrant tests and able to survive in Germany. The classes were always 4 to 9 adults, from all over the world. I love this volunteer work very much because this fun and rewarding experience gives me a chance to make a difference in the lives of others. I am patient and determined, with the ability and experience to tailor a program to suit all ages and abilities. So on the whole I am a very organized and well-rounded individual with a multitude of skills that I can bring to lessons over and above my teaching.
NG10032 Chinese As an overseas-born Chinese, I was raised and have lived in Germany for over 20 years, and then migrated to Hong Kong in 1995. I am well-versed in English, German and Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin). Formally trained in language teaching and also possessing over 8 years of solid experience as an online editor and translator with relevant professional qualifications, I am a highly eligible candidate for the captioned position.

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